Bespoke Jewellery

People are often worried about bespoke jewellery.

And it's unnecessary, really.

By "bespoke", we mean a piece that has been crafted especially for you, usually with input from you, the customer – your own designs, conceptions, your own imaginings of the piece.

What often happens is that you have seen a ring you like, perhaps in a magazine, perhaps on someone's finger – you snap a photograph, you bring it to us, and you say "Is there any chance ... ?"

Well, in fact, there's every chance in the world.

We are – as you're probably tired of hearing by now – Master Jewellers and Goldsmiths. We can take your design – your conception – and craft a brilliant reality for you.

It doesn't take long.

People often worry that a bespoke piece might take months to complete. But usually, it's a matter of weeks only.

And it doesn't cost a fortune.

A bespoke piece – that ring of your dreams – will usually compare very reasonably with a shop-window article in price. It's hard to set fast rules: so much depends on the stones and the mount.

But often you'll find that a ring (or any other piece) made to your own requirements is the same price as its equivalent in the window.

It hardly needs saying ...

... but we will be there with you every step of the way – from design to metal to mount to stone. To fitting, to care, to after-care. We really do have a wealth of experience and expertise in these matters.

And like most craftsmen, our thrill is not in a thing well-sold ... but in a piece well-done.

Customers to our shop often wonder what can that aggravating noise be upstairs? Are the pipes about to explode?

In fact, it's just the normal everyday sound of burnishing, polishing, filing, melding, moulding – the ordinary sounds of craftsmen at work.

We downstairs staff have come to relish it.

In holiday season, when our people are abroad, the place to us can seem ... supernaturally quiet

Our craftsmen work quickly and efficiently in our own studio workshop, here in the Powerscourt Centre, in the heart of Dublin's jewellery district.

So, whatever your particular desire, our experience and expertise are at your service. Call in – you'll be surprised what can be achieved.

Your imagination with our expertise: it's what dreams are made of.

At Corr's we understand a ring is not just for you:
a ring is an heirloom

Let the romance begin ...