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Our new website ...

Times, alas, change even in the jewellery trade. If you've been visiting us online over the years, you'll be familiar with our old website, with its brown and duck-egg blue design. It served us well in its day.

But now we'd like to introduce you to our new website. We hope it will provide a better customer experience – simpler to navigate, easier to find just what you're looking for.

It's got a cleaner look, too. And if you're viewing this site on a mobile device, you'll appreciate the responsive design.

We hope, too, our new site better conveys our pride in our trade, in our shop, in our craftsmen and their craftsmanship, in the wealth of knowledge of our staff.

Who we are ...

If you're not familiar with Corr's Jewellers, well – let us introduce ouselves.

We're situated on the famous Antiques Parade in the iconic Powerscourt Centre, right in the heart of Dublin's jewellery quarter.

Our proprietor is Denis Kavanagh. We specialize in rings for all occasions, pre-owned luxury watches, and jewellery to beat the band.

Our range of rings ...

We believe our range of Engagement Rings is unrivalled in Dublin. Whatever your budget or desire – whether traditional or fancy, contemporary or antique - we're sure to have something to bring a gleam to your eye.

And if by chance we don't, we can craft a ring to your heart's desire in our workshop upstairs. Likewise with Weddings Bands. We can fashion one to complement whatever engagement ring you might choose.

Because at Corr's we're not just a high-street window. We're Master Jewellers and Goldsmiths.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and care.

Jewellery too ...

Of course, our range of jewellery extends far beyond rings. (Sometimes, the extent of our stock can surprise even us!)

Dress rings and earrings ... pendants and pearls ... bracelets and bangles ... curios and charms ... cuff-links for him, brooches for her ... or vice versa ...

Something special for a child, perhaps. Something modern or something old ... but always a treasure to hold.

At Corr's we understand that a chosen piece is not just for you.

Each chosen piece is an heirloom.

What's in a watch ...

We like to think our range of pre-owned watches, of world-renowned makes, is the best in Ireland. Iconic brands such as ...

Rolex, Cartier, Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Omega, Beaume et Mercier, Longines and many more.

Our stock changes constantly, so it's always a good idea to take a glance at our large window displays when you're passing. There's always something new to catch the eye.

And not just wristwatches. We carry a carefully selected range of pocket-watches too. Fobs, hunters, half-hunters ... Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Modern ...

At your service ...

You can read about our full range of services here but in brief they include:

  • Insurance Valuations & Appraisals
  • Jewellery Cleaning
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Jewellery Repairs & Remodelling
  • Fitting & Resizing
  • Pearl Restringing
  • Watch Repairs & Servicing
  • Hand-Made Commissions

A note on our categories ...

Dividing items into categories is a difficult business, and it has caused no end of worries to our staff. Particularly as regards rings. You'll notice our menu separates rings into Engagement, Dress, Wedding, Eternity, Gents. But we beg you to understand, these are just guidelines for ease of search. There's nothing rigid about the categories. The ring you like is, well, exactly that: the ring you like.

Likewise with watches. It's usual with watches to describe a piece as a gents' or a ladies' watch. Recently, the designation "unisex" has been used. But, again, the watch you want is the watch you want. If you click "Watches" on our menu, you'll find a Filter on the left-hand side with options for "Watch Dial Size". Using this, you're sure to find something that feels just right for you.

Up to date ...

We try to keep our website up to date. On average, it's updated at least once a week. You can view our latest items here. We take every effort to keep our website current and accurate. Mistakes, however, may occur. For the latest information, you are invited to drop in to Corr's or to telephone us at (+353) 01 6703001. Or send us an email


Let the romance begin ...