N039 Antique Pearl Necklet with Sapphire and Diamond Motif


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Antique Victorian Pearl Necklet with Detachable Sapphire and Diamond Motif

  • 1.60 carat sapphire
  • 1.45 carat diamonds
  • 5.70mm pearls
  • 9kt white gold, 9kt rose gold

First, a single string of graduated pearls with diamond-set clasp at rear, in 9kt white gold. Then, a detachable and flexible motif with a sapphire stone as centrepiece. This sapphire is 1.60 carat in weight, oval-cut and rubover-set in 9kt rose gold. Round old-cut (that is, hand-cut) diamonds accompany, rubover and pavé-set, 1.45 carat combined. The setting here is silver on a rose gold backing. A fine piece of Victoriana which can be worn as necklet, pendant or pearl.