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Our craftsmen work quickly and efficiently in our own studio workshop, here in the Powerscourt Centre, in the heart of Dublin’s jewellery district.

So, whatever your particular desire, our experience and expertise are at your service. Call in – you’ll be surprised what can be achieved.

Your imagination with our expertise: it’s what dreams are made of.

Master Jewellers and Goldsmiths

What services do we provide at Corr’s Jewellers? Well, just about anything and everything you’d expect from one of Ireland’s premier jewellery stores.

There’s very little we don’t do with jewellery – fashion, re-fashion, fit, re-fit, re-plate, plate, engrave, remove engravings, re-size up and down.

At Corr’s Jewellers we provide a full valuation service for all your jewellery and precious items. Our appraisals are professional, comprehensive and confidential.

We provide a Valuation Certificate with every purchase. And to help you insure against inflation, we offer a courtesy update every few years. Just bring in your old Corr’s Valuation when applying.

Because we’re Master Jewellers and Goldsmiths, we can resize any – or at least, most – rings to your requirements: either up or down. The reason we say “most” is that full-set bands are the devil to resize. But, whatever your ring, bring it in – our Master Goldsmith will advise you on all possibilities.

Corr’s Jewellers carry out a professional and accurate fitting service for your engagement and wedding rings, which will ensure confidence in wearing them to their (and your) best advantage.

Corr’s Jewellers provide a professional cleaning service for all your jewellery. While you wait, or take a cup of coffee nearby, we’ll work on restoring your treasured piece to its pristine condition. We promise you’ll think it a new piece entirely.

All our rings come with a complimentary life-time cleaning service. Just drop in when you’re passing – it only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be amazed at the difference a professional cleaning can make.

White gold is plated with rhodium, a member of the platinum group. Over time, the plating tends to wear, especially in areas that rub against the skin. When this “yellowing” occurs, ordinary house-hold cleaning will not rectify the problem.

At Corr’s Jewellers we will replate the piece, using an electroplating process, and restore it to it’s original finish, with all its pristine shine and sparkle.

At Corr’s Jewellers our workshop team of craftsmen, watchmakers and goldsmiths is highly qualified with a wealth of experience and expertise.

Many repairs can be executed in a matter of coffee-minutes; others may take longer. Our front-line staff will ensure your repair is carried out quickly and efficiently, and – most. importantly – keep you informed.

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A piece that has been crafted especially for you, your own design, conception, crafted in a brilliant reality just for you.
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